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OKAY!! Wow

I know it's REALLY late, but for a first song, THIS IS REALLY GOOD. I'm surprised you picked this up right out of the box. I wanna give you credit... Although I DON'T LIKE the slayer sound! AHHH hurts my ears. You have good melody progression though. Very fast paced and fun... Although the 16th notes REALLY kills originality and I can't hear your snare or your kick very well. Another thing I would work on is changing up your bassline more. 10/10 and 5/5


This is good, but it lacks originality. I know your pianos are good, but I recognize almost EVERYTHING else is premade FL loops and I can hear that Slayer. I've been producing for 3 years now and I can notice the diversity, the synths, the loops, everything. I like it, but again, ORIGINALITY is the key to a good song. All your other songs are original, but this one just has a lackluster personality. If you made it original, I would have liked this a lot better. 7/10 and 4/5 from me. Keep it up! You're improving!

It's good, BUT

Your percussion is BARELY audible. If you want any tips, please AIM me at xSteph Is Lovex. i will break the song down to you in the IM, but for now, I want to say you did a good job, but, again, the percs need a LOT of work. Please IM me. Peace.


Dude... THis has to be... One of the most FUCKING COOLEST THINGS I'VE EVER HEARD! I love it. I'm downloading it... It's... Going on my ipod. It's amazing. GOOD JOB MAN! Now could you check my stuff out? Halite Imagination is my newest song. Please give it a hear would ya? Thanks and KEEP MAKING STUFF LIKE THIS!



That's all I gotta say. Check my stuff out. Halite Imagination is a brand new song by me. Love your stuff. Keep up the good work.

10/10 and fifen'd

Damn dude.

This shit is TIGHT! I like a good DnB beat and this certainly was VERY good. I love it, man. Even though I don't listen to DnB very often, I REALLY enjoyed this piece! Keep working though. You could improve and make some even MORE kick ass beats man. I love it. Check out my stuff sometimes! I just put a new song in! Halite Imagination is it's name. Please check it out and enjoy! Thanks bro!

10/10 and fifen'd.

Hammi responds:

Hehe thanx man, im glad ya enjoyed it! I really appreciate that. Yeah i need to work a bit on making DnB, but that doesnt stop me from making more >:D And even more improved.

Ya ill check out your stuff, youll see me on one of the reviews soon. Peace!


Damn NICE, Zenon

I like it. A lot. I would draw my review out but... It's 1 in the morning here. Now would you mind checking out my stuff? I just added a new song, Halite Imagination. Check it, bro. Love your music.



It's amazing! I would give you a drawn out, long review on everything but it's 1 A.M. here. I really loved it though. Make sure to check my stuff out! I just submitted a brand new song, Halite Imagination. Check it man. Keep making music LIKE THIS!


D-A-J responds:

:)) Glad ya like it

And sure... I can check out your stuff, but i'll do it in a near future... ;)


I like it a lot. THIS is the song where you DO want a simple bassline like the one you've got! It works well! I don't have enough time to give this song an awesome review, but I will in the future. Trust me! Your awesome review is coming! Just wait. Love it! WOW! PERFECTION! Later bro. Keep it rolling!


Ouch! Another hot track burns my skin!

Alright... Let's start with the intro of this sweet and wonderfully made music.

1. Intro: Just plain amazing, yet very simplistic. Not very many people can do that. Simplicity is a key of certain kinds of music, and you certainly used that very well! A nice little intro, if I say so myself... Onto the...

2. SYNTHS! They were nice... And crisp... And beautiful... I like them. And now time for the...

3. BASSLINE! Perhaps a bit TOOOOOOOOOO simplistic for this song... After hearing Terminate, I expected something more from you. Maybe make it a rushy bassline or something... More spicy... Shall we not overlook the...

4. FX! Those are what set this song apart from some... It has some pretty kickin' fx, although you could use a LOT more. I like the FX you use for this song, but, yet again, make it more spicy! Still hot, but not hot enough for my tates. One more thing... That happens to be the ABSENCE of...

5. PADS! Now in some songs... That's okay... But this song... It either needs PADS or a KICKING bassline, as stated earlier. Pads would have added some nice effect to this song.

6. Overall: I liked it, but not your best work. Pump out some more stuff like this, yet you already know what you need to improve on. Good job nonetheless! I can't wait to hear more work from you! Keep it rolling!


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