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This made my night

Oh my fucking god. That was one of the GREATEST, FUNNIEST things I have EVER seen. That was fucking AMAZING! I laughed so HARD. Thank you for making my nigh! Screw the haters. This was a fucking MASTERPIECE. It was amazingly coordinated and I honestly died of laughing so hard. All them haters just aren't secure with themselves. There's a warning to things for a REASON, guys. But if you have the guts, WATCH THIS. It's funnier than ANYTHING you've ever seen. Not for the faint of heart. AMAZING JOB. Keep making more Classics like this. I love you guys! Amazing.

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^ high five

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OKAY!! Wow

I know it's REALLY late, but for a first song, THIS IS REALLY GOOD. I'm surprised you picked this up right out of the box. I wanna give you credit... Although I DON'T LIKE the slayer sound! AHHH hurts my ears. You have good melody progression though. Very fast paced and fun... Although the 16th notes REALLY kills originality and I can't hear your snare or your kick very well. Another thing I would work on is changing up your bassline more. 10/10 and 5/5


This is good, but it lacks originality. I know your pianos are good, but I recognize almost EVERYTHING else is premade FL loops and I can hear that Slayer. I've been producing for 3 years now and I can notice the diversity, the synths, the loops, everything. I like it, but again, ORIGINALITY is the key to a good song. All your other songs are original, but this one just has a lackluster personality. If you made it original, I would have liked this a lot better. 7/10 and 4/5 from me. Keep it up! You're improving!

It's good, BUT

Your percussion is BARELY audible. If you want any tips, please AIM me at xSteph Is Lovex. i will break the song down to you in the IM, but for now, I want to say you did a good job, but, again, the percs need a LOT of work. Please IM me. Peace.

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